Three Pillars

Admira's Three Pillars: Driving Progress through Science, Technology, and Story

Brand Engagement and Storytelling 

"Using Story to Connect with the World"

The goal of "Brand Engagement and Storytelling" is to explore and present compelling stories from a variety of sources, with a focus on inspiring individuals to unleash their full potential and dream big. With a balanced mix of stories from science, technology, and societal impact, this branch will showcase the many ways people and organizations achieve great things.

Admira works closely with the entertainment industry, including filmmakers, video game developers, and virtual reality creators, to develop and present these stories in new and innovative ways. Whether through films, documentaries, video games, or virtual reality experiences, Admira seeks to engage audiences with captivating stories that inspire and motivate. Additionally, the company aims to work with social media influencers and other online platforms to reach younger audiences and help bring these stories to life in new and dynamic ways.

Admira also conducts research to better understand what types of stories resonate with different audiences, and how to communicate them effectively. Whether working with NASA or other organizations and individuals, Admira helps to identify the most impactful stories and develop new strategies for telling them. This includes leveraging new technologies and platforms, such as social media, podcasts, and other digital media, to reach the widest possible audience.

At the heart of Admira's mission is the belief that inspiring stories have the power to change people's lives. By sharing the amazing achievements of organizations and individuals, Admira hopes to inspire the next generation of explorers, scientists, and storytellers. And for those young people who dream of one day becoming astronauts, Admira is dedicated to helping them understand the power of their own potential and the incredible adventures that await them.

Empowering the Next Generation of Explorers 

"Inspiring the Future Through Space Education"

This branch aims to facilitate experiences for young people that allow them to have impactful moments like the "overview effect" through advanced technology planetariums. This branch focuses on providing educational and inspirational experiences for young people, with the goal of inspiring the next generation of explorers and scientists. Admira plans to work with schools, youth organizations, and other educational institutions to provide students with access to advanced technology planetariums. These planetariums would be used to simulate space missions, provide virtual tours of the solar system, and give students an immersive experience of what it would be like to be an astronaut.

Admira intends to organize space-related educational programs such as workshops and field trips to NASA facilities, observatories, and other scientific institutions. These programs will be designed to teach students about space science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) in an interactive and engaging way.

In addition to providing educational experiences, Admira could also work with NASA and other partners to develop educational resources such as lesson plans, activity books, and online resources that teachers can use to incorporate space education into their curriculum.

Overall, the branch of "Empowering the Next Generation of Explorers" is an important aspect of Admira's mission to inspire people worldwide to tap into their inner explorer and unleash their full potential. By providing young people with access to advanced technology and educational resources, Admira hopes to inspire the next generation to be excited about space exploration, science and technology, and to pursue careers in these fields.

Innovative Patent Commercialization 

"Translating Research into Impact"

This branch is set on identifying and commercializing cutting-edge technology developed by organizations including NASA JPL and Caltech. By leveraging their partnerships with these esteemed research institutions, the company aims to bring the benefits of this technology to the public and drive economic growth.

For example, identifying patents and intellectual property (IP) that have the potential to have a significant impact on society. Similar to the microwave, which was developed by NASA, other examples of patents that came from organizations such as NASA, universities, and other research institutions include memory foam, water filtration systems, and advanced solar cells. Admira then works to commercialize this IP by licensing it to industry partners or spinning off new ventures to bring these technologies to market, regardless of their origin from universities, NASA or other research institutions.

In addition to commercializing IP, the company also aims to connect outside entrepreneurs and startups with research teams from similar organizations. This includes universities, government labs, and other research institutions, as well as NASA. This allows the company to identify and incubate new technologies and products, and provide a valuable link between the research community and the private sector.

Overall, the company is focused on using its unique capabilities and partnerships to drive technological advancement and economic growth by commercializing cutting-edge technologies developed by NASA JPL, Caltech, and relevant institutions.